Pensamiento Creativo

Creativity as an Entrepreneurial Skill

Start To Do ItFeb 12, 202110 min read

It’s More Than Just Thinking Outside the Box In the world of entrepreneurship, creativity is crucial to success and plays a key role in the overall entrepreneurial process. As entrepreneurial skills go, creativity is widely considered a “must-have” when running your own business- from the startup phase to every year…

Proactive Execution

Proactive Execution

Start To Do ItFeb 12, 20218 min read

Success Doesn’t Always Come To Those That Wait As an aspiring entrepreneur, you owe it to yourself to accept a very important fact at the beginning of your journey: success doesn’t come to those that wait. This philosophy is the central driving factor behind everything that a successful entrepreneur does…

entrepreneurial resilience

How Much Resilience Should Entrepreneurs Have?

Start To Do ItFeb 12, 20218 min read

Entrepreneurial success comes not from avoiding failure, but rising up from it Quick, when you think about the entrepreneurial skills essential for success, what comes to mind? Many people might give an answer like: vision, passion, the ability to take risks, knowing how to network, or having an innovative approach…

Self Learning

How to be a Self Taught Entrepreneur?

Start To Do ItFeb 11, 20219 min read

“The grass is always greener on the other side”- you must have came across this proverb once in your life, but hardly have you thought about associating it with your own self. This is particularly true when one is a 9-5 corporate slave and feels more entitled to obeying the…

Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Take Risks

Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Take Risks

Start To Do ItJan 4, 20198 min read

There is a popular misconception floating around that successful entrepreneurs are big risk takers. The assumption is if you want to “win” in the entrepreneurial game then you must be prepared to take a gamble with your time, money, and other resources. While there is definitely an element of risk…

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